Do you find it difficult to express yourself in Spanish?

Then group conversation classes are the solution! I know that learning a language and especially speaking it is complicated. I was in your situation several times when I was learning other languages. You study a lot of grammar, a lot of rules but then you find it difficult to understand a native speaker and above all to communicate. Don’t worry, I will help you. I offer you group conversation classes where you can meet people from all over the world and practice Spanish in a relaxed and fun way. These classes are for intermediate (A2-B1) and advanced (B2-C1) students.

Why have group conversation classes?

Here are 12 reasons to join group classes

How do the classes work?

We will use Google Drive so that you will have the document with the corrections and vocabulary of each class.
After each class you will have access to this document and a list of the most important vocabulary for each topic.
I will prepare the material in advance to talk about a different topic in each class.
The maximum number of students per group is 6 people.
You will speak with 1 or 2 people in rooms created on ZOOM and also in open class.
The pairs in the rooms will change randomly during the class, so you will be able to talk for longer and with everyone in the class.
You will have a list of guiding questions on the topic.
I will go into the different rooms to correct, write down mistakes, clarify doubts and help with vocabulary.

How will the classes be structured?

The classes are 55 minutes long and will be distributed approximately as follows:

Initial 10 minutes of social interaction. (Introductions, introduction to the topic)
Presentation of the vocabulary of the topic. (10 min)
Conversation with the help of a list of guiding questions. (30 min)
Correction of mistakes together. (5 min)
Sharing and farewell.


What if there are not enough students to form a conversation group?

We will wait for a minimum number of students or speak in smaller groups.

Do you want to know if you have the right level for these classes?

Then do the trial lesson trial lesson before you buy a package of classes. 


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